Hiring From Outside the Insurance Industry

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Moving our industry forward through innovative hiring

If you want to stay relevant and competitive as an independent insurance agent you need to start looking outside our industry when you hire your team. Great producers are hard to come by, but that’s only because you’re not looking in the right places. You took a chance on yourself and your agency, now it’s time to take a chance on the rest of your team.

Finding great producers outside the insurance industry

Growing your independent agency

Hiring outside the industry can spark much-needed change and innovation. Be daring, and shape the future of our industry.

There’s a lot of insecurity in starting a new agency. Hiring an experienced producer with a solid background and a stellar reputation, but if you’re trying to shake up the industry, to be innovative and help forge the future of our industry we can’t do the same thing we’ve always done.

Take a chance on new hires

Hiring for your independent insurance agency

We have to be willing to change the way we do things if we want our industry to continue to grow.

Hiring a person with experience outside our industry can open up brand new opportunities for your business to grow. Bringing in someone with unique perspectives on sales, customer service, marketing, etc. can renew and energize your entire office. Building a team from various industries will also give you an opening into each of those industries, and a new approach to reaching new clients.

Appeal to millennials

Being open to outsiders, to new ideas, to new strategies will appeal to millennials who are looking to shape their own future.

Encourage teamwork and a chance to create their own position in your company. Be open to atypical approaches to sales, technology, and customer service.

Expand your network

At Affordable American Insurance we are a fast growing network of independent insurance agents in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. We all work together to help grow our businesses and shape the future of the insurance industry. We want to help everyone realize their dream of opening an agency, whether you come from the captive world, or an entirely different industry.

We are always looking for new innovative ways to help our clients succeed. We encourage all of our agents to look outside the industry, look for new young blood to build our industry and help us flow seamlessly into the future, not get stuck in the past.

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