Things You Need to Be a Highly Effective Agency Owner

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Certain habits and qualities of an insurance agent can make them thrive or struggle.

Essential Qualities to Help You Succeed as an Insurance Agent

Much like any other profession, being an insurance agency owner requires hard work and a specific set of skills. However, sometimes success is not about how skilled you might be, but about having certain qualities that will push you in the right direction.


Understanding your goals and making sure you do everything to achieve them is an essential skill. It involves discipline and a go-getter attitude. Staying one step ahead, learning when to take risks and keep going will take you far in this industry.

Essential Qualities to Help You Succeed as an Insurance AgentAccessibility

Making yourself available is key when you own and run a business like an independent insurance agency. Don’t fall in the “I’m always too busy” role. Make sure you’re managing your time properly so you can take care of the urgent but also make time for what’s important. Communication with clients and prospects will always be a priority, especially when you’re just starting.


Being the kind of person who decided to go out and become an entrepreneur, you know there’s no time to be afraid. The idea of failure can often creep in and try to keep you from moving forward. To boost your effectiveness as an independent insurance agency owner, you must understand that failure is just part of success. It teaches you what you need to know to get past the obstacles, so don’t let it shut you down. Consider it an opportunity for growth and keep on keeping on.


Clients want to be understood. The ability to make them feel that way is pivotal if you want to be successful in your career. Taking time to listen to their needs and help them find the solutions they’re looking for is a great way to put your value-oriented mindset to work.


To be a successful independent insurance agency owner, you must keep your eye on the prize. You will find roadblocks along the way, but your determination to keep going is what’s going to make a difference and get you where you want to go.


Industry knowledge is essential, but once you have that, your attitude is what will make or break your business. Are you ready to start a new journey as an entrepreneur? Join AAI and get started.

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