5 Ways to Help Your New Employees Feel Welcome

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Effective Onboarding Strategies to Set Up Your New Hires for Success

Hiring a new employee is an essential event for any business. As a small business owner, you want to surround yourself with a trustworthy team that helps you achieve your business goals and feels like a family at the same time. Your onboarding process will make a significant impact on how your new hires feel, their approach to work, and their ability to meet your expectations.

Here are some strategies that can help your new hires feel welcome and be successful in their new position.

Greet them with a Team Lunch

Arranging a team lunch when a new member joins is an excellent way for them to get acquainted with everyone else in a non-work environment —where there’s no pressure or stress. That provides a good opportunity for the new hire to start building relationships with their new colleagues on a more personal level before they even start doing actual work.

Prepare an Orientation Schedule Before They Arrive

The first day at the office is always a big deal. However, many businesses forget just how important that first impression is. There should be an induction process in place, so when a new employee joins your team, you are prepared to give them everything they need to get started. Make sure their work area is all ready to go on their first day, as well as their computer, all the necessary accesses, email accounts, etc. Also, put some time on their schedule for them to meet with the key people in every department.

businesswomen in conference high fiveAssign Them a Mentor

Regardless of their position, having a mentor is always a plus. A mentor can help guide them through the details of the company’s different processes and can be their point person for any questions or concerns.

Let Them Know Your Door is Always Open

Letting your new employees know you have an open-door policy is an excellent way to establish trust. This will make them feel their concerns or opinions are welcomed and taken seriously.

Make Room For Questions and Feedback

Set up some time once a week —at least during the first month, to give them the opportunities to ask questions, make comments, or bring up any concerns they might have. Maintaining open communication from the start is critical for their development.


Employees are a precious asset for your business. As a business owner, you must take the time to plan the best ways to onboard your new resources and help them get set up for success from day one.

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