Haywire or is it Maywire?

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Many people start planning their summer vacations in May.  This time is the perfect opportunity to review your policy to see if it includes towing; it very well could save you from a pickle.  Also, make sure your assets are properly covered while you are off on vacation.  Check your home owner’s insurance policy to see if they are.  Is your family coming into town and planning to use your vehicle?  Are they covered on your auto insurance policy?  Find out by reading our previous blog.

Car Safety

The warm weather does have some downsides: are your tires balding, does your car overheat, and are you a car guru so you can fix these problems on your own?  Cars run differently when it is warm or blistering hot outside.  Basic auto repairs that you can do on your own can save you from tires blowing out on the road, getting stranded, or other vehicle problems. For more information on this topic read this blog

Graduation Parties

What is May without a few graduation parties?  If you are planning on consuming alcohol make sure that you have a designated driver.  Driving impaired can be avoided and being responsible could just save a life.  What if you got hit by a drunk driver?  Would your family be ready to go on without you?  Would your mortgage be taken care of?  Talk with your local Affordable American Insurance agent about life insurance.  It is never too late or too early to purchase life insurance.

We can sometimes get lost in the excitement of May.  It is always a great time to evaluate your accomplishments, celebrate a new beginning, and check your insurance policies.  We wish all the graduates the best of luck in all their future endeavors.

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