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As you probably know, Sunday is Father’s Day.  If you have not planned out the day quite yet here are some activities you can do. They are good for any weekend.

Father’s Day Activities

  • If you enjoy a game of golf take your father with you to celebrate Father’s Day.
  • If your father is an outdoor enthusiast a trip to the mountains or a nice family bike ride to get slurpees might just hit the spot.
  • Get the grill up and running.  There is nothing like a sizzling steak to resolve your Father’s cravings for meat.  (Grilling Safety Tips)
  • Cook your father breakfast and lunch.
  • An Afternoon nap can sometimes be what he wants and needs.
  • Play his favorite board game and be ok if he wins, after all it is Father’s Day.
  • Plan a picnic for your father.
  • Go to a ball game.
  • Watch his favorite cheezy movie with him no matter how much it makes you cringe.
  • Make him a special music playlist.

These are just a few suggestions.  Whatever your plans make sure that your father knows that you love him.  Make his Father’s Day special.

Affordable American Insurance

We are here to save you time and money with all your insurance needs so you can do the things that you like, whether they it is a barbecue, bike ride, golf, a ball game, or just a good old afternoon nap.

Affordable American Insurance is a local Colorado independent insurance broker.  We represent multiple companies so we can get you a policy that matches your lifestyle.

More Companies. More Options. More Savings.

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