Growing Your Agency Through Leadership

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Sometimes, we have all the wrong ideas about what leadership really is. Having a clear concept will help you be an effective leader and lead your independent insurance agency to success.

4 Leadership Fundamentals for Independent Insurance Agency Owners

The insurance industry has been influenced by both negative and positive leadership. But, leadership is not about experience or power. How you exercise leadership within your independent insurance agency will make you grow or wither. Here are 4 leadership essentials to take into account:

Leadership is Much More Than Just a Title

You could have the highest title in a company, but that doesn’t necessarily come with influence, and that’s what leadership is all about —influencing others. Real leadership inspires positive change. Is your team following you, or are they leading themselves?

What Stands Between You and Great Leadership is Yourself

Self-leadership is just as important as knowing how to lead others. In order to lead and grow those around you, you first have to do the same for yourself. Leaders are lifelong learners. This behavior dictates their success. The more you want to learn and grow, the better equipped you’ll be to help others do the same. Leadership is not a destination, it’s a journey, a process. It is not easy, but it certainly is rewarding.

4 Leadership Fundamentals for Independent Insurance Agency OwnersYour Ability to Lead Dictates Your Effectiveness

Management and leadership are not the same things. They are both important to any organization but management is about processes and leadership is about people — your clients, your teams, or your community. Leadership can make you or break you. Your independent insurance agency needs strong leadership and it takes time to develop it, but it is well worth it.

Adding Value is a Leader’s Goal

It’s not uncommon for leaders to get caught up in the everyday things that they end up micromanaging and forgetting the most important purpose behind their leadership position. Being a leader is learning to serve others and you know you’re serving them well when you’re adding value to their lives.

We commonly use the phrase “adding value” when we’re talking about experiences, products, and services but it also applies to the people that work alongside you, those who follow you. You know you’re doing it right when you’re making things better for them. In order to add value to people, you have to value those people first.

To add value you need to invest time in those you serve, so you can listen, learn and lead. This approach will help you develop a better relationship with your teams, which leads to loyalty and increased productivity.


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