Going It Alone in the Business World

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Independent money making ventures means investing in yourself.

A lot of folks consider going it alone in business to be too risky a venture to take on by themselves, yet when polled most Americans also said they were unhappy with their jobs and their dream was to start their own business. One secret to the trade is there is really no such thing as going it alone. Always you are surrounded by others that are capable of helping you, even when you are the sole proprietor or owner of your venture. Although Bruce Judson’s book Go It Alone! The Secret of Building a Successful Business on Your Own was written back in 2005 much of what he says is still relevant to today’s market, and with the popularity of social media there are more ways than ever to build your brand and extend your client base.

Search Engines have Replaced Phone Books

Going it alone can be a risk. But it’s worth it!

For a lot of people, the internet has become a prime source of expansion. For those that want to turn their hobby into a trade, the internet allows them to reach far more customers than was ever possible before. Location, location, location may be important to real estate ventures, but it is no longer nearly as important to retailers. Even major retail outlets like Walmart do online business nowadays, and smaller companies are figuring different ways to compete in a market dominated by smartphone shopping and point and click purchases.

When you ask the majority of entrepreneurs when they started their business, you’ll find that the majority did so when they were still employed. They dedicated their evenings and weekends to building up their businesses and made inroads in the online world learning how to build their brand. For many of them it was a joint venture between a few friends that were interested in venturing off for themselves. For others it was a personal endeavor that freed them from a job they found dissatisfying. In both instances it’s an issue of liberation, and the internet provides the perfect venue for entrepreneurs looking to venture out on their own.

Starting Your Own Business In the Independent Insurance Industry

If you’re looking for ideas or support for your venture, please contact us. Going it alone doesn’t mean doing everything by yourself!


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