Give Your Clients the Personalized Experience They Crave

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How to Personalize Your Services to Fit Your Client’s Needs

Customers don’t appreciate treatment like “just another customer.” They are looking for a personalized experience that provides them with the level of attention they deserve.

Many businesses have focused so much on making money that they have forgotten just how important it is for their customers to be happy with the quality of service they receive. Because “happy customers” translates to “loyal customers,” and loyal customers bring in more business.

This personalized experience we’re referring to is not just a “nice-to-have” for customers; it’s a must. They are expecting that level of service, and when they don’t get it, all they need to do is find someone else who can fulfill that expectation. A 2018 study by Epsilon showed that 80 percent of customers are more likely to purchase from businesses that offer personalized experiences.

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A personalized attention will strengthen your relationships towards your clients.

Personalizing Services in the Insurance Industry

When insurance agencies cannot provide product variety for their customers, they have no other option but to reverse engineer it and try to tailor their customers’ needs to fit their product offerings. Customers faced with this will feel like they don’t belong and can’t choose something that truly fits their insurance needs. Customers will be hesitant to purchase if they’re unsure that they’re options don’t satisfy their needs. It’s frustrating, and its part of the reason why many people choose to neglect their insurance needs.

Independent insurance agency owners who are members of Affordable American Insurance can do better because we provide their agencies with a wide array of insurance products that will simplify the process of choosing suitable options for their clients’ needs.

Other Ways You Can Provide a Personalized Experience for Your Clients

To ensure your clients feel valued, here are some more tips to help you provide a personalized experience:

  • Avoid sending out generic email campaigns to your clients. A little personalization will go a long way.
  • Guide your clients through their insurance purchase journey as if you were guiding a close friend.
  • Provide customers with the opportunity to give you feedback. A follow-up call or email can open the door to fantastic growth opportunities.


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