Should I Drop Full Coverage on My Auto Insurance?

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If something were to happen to your car and it was damaged or worse; ‘a total loss,’ would you have enough money to replace your vehicle? Would you be ok with that? This may be the most important question to ask yourself in determining whether or not to drop your collision and comprehensive insurance or not.

You’ll Have to Decide

There is not really a magical number that when reached you should drop your collision and comprehensive insurance. It is really up to you to decide. If you want to bet on your driving ability, maybe it’s worth it!? If you are worried that winter and icy roads are just around the corner, maybe you want to maintain full coverage for a bit longer.

Replacement Cost

How much do cars like yours get sold for on Craigslist or at the local dealership? What are they selling for online at sites like,, or This question will help you determine the replacement cost of your vehicle. If your car were totaled, could you afford the prices above to purchase a similar make and model? With that information in hand you can make a wise decision on whether or not you are ready to drop your collision and comprehensive insurance. If you decide to do this, ask your agent about Uninsured Property Damage coverage. If you need further assistance call your local insurance agent.

Affordable American Insurance

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If you have any insurance questions, our blog is a great place to ask them. If you don’t feel comfortable posting your questions as a comment, give your local Affordable American Insurance agent a call and they will be happy to answer your questions.

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