From Independent Insurance Agent to Business Owner: A Mentality Adjustment

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You’re Not Just an Independent Insurance Agent, You’re a Business Owner

Life is about choices. When you choose to be part of the insurance industry, you also have options. You can choose to be captive or independent. As an independent insurance agent, roles and responsibilities change, as well as opportunities. The work that goes into running a successful independent insurance agency is not to be taken for granted. It takes time, good planning, and hard work, and when managed properly you’ll be rewarded with immense benefits.

The insurance industry has changed a lot over the years. Technology, politics, and economy, among other factors, have transformed the way consumers think and act. As times change, so should the way insurance agencies market themselves and do business.

You're Not Just an Independent Insurance Agent, You're a Business OwnerMake the Switch

When you become an independent insurance agent, it is not just about selling insurance; it’s about becoming a business owner, being a leader, and taking the reins of your business. A switch needs to go off in your head. This is a time to think big. Independent insurance agents will deal with a lot of changes and scenarios that will impact their sales. Business owners will take those opportunities to be responsible for their actions, come up with a plan and execute it, looking for better results and promoting the growth of their agency.

At the end of the day, it is still all about choices. Do you want to sell insurance or do you want to run a successful business that will be around for a long time? Do you want to sit back and watch things happen, or do you want to make things happen? You can determine how far you go.


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