Are You A Forward-Thinker?

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5 Traits That Define a Forward-Thinking Attitude

To be an independent insurance agency owner, being a forward-thinker is essential. A forward-thinker prepares for the future, plans on how to avoid pitfalls and failure, and plans to attain success. Some of their traits come naturally, and others have to be worked for. If you identify with the following characteristics, there is undoubtedly a forward-thinker in you.

Don’t Hold On to the Past

Dwelling on the past is not compatible with being a forward-thinker. Instead, the focus is on the future. A forward-thinker doesn’t get stuck on the things that happened yesterday. They accept the things that happened and keep moving. Failure doesn’t hold them back; it propels them forward.

Think Outside the Box

They are not conventional thinkers. Instead, they are comfortable coming up with unconventional solutions and typically respond differently to ordinary circumstances. They are known for defying the norms to achieve their vision.

5 Traits That Define a Forward-Thinking AttitudeOpen-Minded and Persistent

A forward-thinker embraces new ideas, even those that might seem a little crazy or risky. Normality is not something a forward-thinker will settle for; he or she will accept challenges and persevere when times get tough.

Take Ownership for Your Decisions

Since forward-thinkers embrace risks, they also understand that their decisions have consequences.  A forward-thinker doesn’t blame things on others and instead, owns up to their actions, and realizes they create their destiny.

See the Bigger Picture

A forward-thinker is good at putting things into perspective and understands there’s more than meets the eye. The little things do not consume them. They are aware that everything ties into a bigger plan or purpose, and that they can change things around.


Once you start your own business, adopting a forward-thinking mentality will help you align your plans with your goals. So, are you a forward-thinker?

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