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Having an office space is essential for independent agents. You might be tempted to save a little on startup costs and allow your team to work from home or their favorite café, but there are advantages to having a real brick & mortar office. In your quest to be more attractive to millennials and the post-millennial generation (do they have a name yet?), choosing the right office space and the right office design can make your agency much cooler and much more enticing.

Growing your client base

An old storefront converted into an independent agency will put you eye level with potential clients and the community, and increase your visibility and presence.

An office space should be a reflection of you and your values

Most of the insurance business is moving online, but that doesn’t mean that you can eliminate the office altogether for a virtual office. Millennials want to buy into you, the agent, so finding an office space and designing it to match your personality and reflect your business will help the millennial customer see who you are and look at the big picture. It’s not just about having the best deal for a complete insurance portfolio; it’s about sharing a bit of yourself and what you stand for as a company and as a person.

Independent agents are in the people business. It’s personal, not just for you, but also for your clients. Whether they’re baby boomers or millennials, they have to open up to you about their life to get the right insurance. Personalized attention to client care is one of our greatest strengths, and you have to create a space that is comfortable, professional, and safe.

A place to share sensitive and personal information

It’s true that millennials will want you to meet them on their turf, but talking about insurance in a crowded bistro has a few challenges. To find the best insurance package, you have to get sensitive and personal information from your client – information that they may not want to share while sitting elbow to elbow with total strangers in a crowded room. Having an office space where you can meet in private, where clients can safely divulge information about themselves, is going to have a big effect on your business as well as client loyalty.

Starting an independent agency

Turn an old storefront into the coolest independent insurance agency in town.

Storefront office spaces

Make your office the perfect blend of a home away from home and the coffee shop down the street. In other words, make it cool, make it comfortable, and make it accessible. Turning an old storefront into an agency can bring your business front and center with the people that you hope to turn into clients. You’re not hidden away in a highrise on the 10th floor, and you can’t beat the foot traffic. No one really pays attention to that giant office building or what types of businesses are there, but if you can put yourself on the level with the people and design an office that is cool and inviting to passersby, you’ll not only give yourself street presence but street cred. Make your agency a landmark instead of just another office.

Maximize your potential as an independent agent

Affordable American Insurance provides a turnkey business model for captive agents looking to go independent, along with giving independent agents a platform to increased carrier representation and revenue while removing carrier production requirements.

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