Facts about Seat Belt Safety that You Probably Knew, but Forgot

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Seat belt safetyEveryone already knows that seat belt safety is important.  Seat belts save lives.

Click it or Ticket.

We’ve all heard it before.  Yet for some reason, far too many people still choose to cruise around un-buckled.  If one of those people happens to be you, here is a friendly reminder why you should buckle up next time you hop in a car.

You could die

This is not a scare tactic – it’s a fact.  No one ever thinks that they will get in a car accident, let alone die in one.  But 2.3 million adults that were treated in an emergency room last year because of a car accident can testify that it certainly could be you.  Or talk to the families of the more than 4,000 car crash victims that didn’t make it.

If these stats still don’t connect with you, just ask around – no doubt someone you know has recently been injured in a car accident.  Maybe they can convince you of the reality of the situation.

It’s the law

The government does care about your well-being.  That’s why it’s the law to wear a seat belt in the car.  While the specific details of each seat belt law differ from state to state, all you really need to know is that if you get caught unbuckled – you’ll get a ticket.

There are better ways to be cool

If drivers don’t care about their own safety, they’d better care about the safety of their passengers – especially kids.  As “uncool” as it is to sit in the back seat when “shotgun” is open, kids ages 12 and under are much safer in the back, bucked up, and in car-seats or boosters (if needed).  There are other ways to become a cool parent than letting your kids risk their safety by either not wearing a seat belt or wearing one improperly.

Really, seat belt safety is easy, effective, and smart.  There is NO excuse for not wearing one.  So buckle up today and cruise safely!

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