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The New World of Insurance

If you are graduating in a few weeks, come along, enjoy the voyage, and see if this exciting world is right for you.  You can save your pirate rum for your grad party…you may still have finals to get through.

The Adventure

The first ship, the Nina will be exploring the Property and Casualty Insurance or what the veteran agents know as P&C.   You might even find some buried treasure there.

The second ship, the Pinta will be exploring the world of life insurance and the opportunities that this voyage can bring to anyone that is just starting their own adventure.

The last ship, the Santa Maria will be searching for a couple things the Fountain of Youth and the Legendary City of El Dorado (The City of Gold).   The Fountain of youth at least with insurance can be thought of in the way of health insurance.  The City of Gold is Commercial Insurance where insuring a large business can create a small fortune.

Property and Casualty Insurance

This type of insurance is your basic home and auto insurance.  Everyone that is in the process of paying off their home will be required to have some type of home insurance.  You probably know, if you drive a car that this type of insurance is required too.  There are a lot of competitors that will try to take your clients but here at Affordable American Insurance we have developed some heavy weapons if someone tries to board your sea fairing vessel.   You have your 12 pound cannons like Travelers, Safeco, and The Hartford.  You might be a little worried because the 12 pound cannon might not be right,  It is ok.  We have chain shot and grapeshot too.  Some of them include Progressive, Metlife, and Kemper.  All our ships are equipped with light sails so you can go even faster and take over your part of the ocean but you will have to call to see what they are… Are you ready then come aboard: https://affordableamericaninsurance.com/open-an-agency/

Life Insurance

Life insurance is the way a young agent will survive for the first year.  It is like developing your fencing and pistol skills.  It is how you will make it, making your dreams reality.  Most Life insurance companies pay majority of your commission up front so your first checks will be much higher.  It is also an emotional sale, it is not required by the government but that should not stop a young swashbuckler like you.  Life insurance sales are not for everyone.

If life insurance is the path you want to take then Affordable American Insurance may be a good fit for you and we would love to speak to you about the opportunities that we have here.

Health and Commercial Insurance

Health and Commercial Insurance is specialized and this part of the industry changes every now and then.  Our clients usually don’t want to give up their health insurance.  Your clients will probably stay with you for a long time.

Commercial Insurance is required for some businesses to operate.  One of the most popular types of business insurance is worker’s compensation.  Businesses need insurance.   They probably won’t go without it so give them a good deal.

Jumping Ship

If you are planning on jumping ship, we would love to talk to you about a world where insurance is different.  At Affordable American Insurance we offer insurance from many insurance carriers so you can give your clients the best deal possible.

For more information about joining AAI visit: https://affordableamericaninsurance.com/open-an-agency/

More Companies. More Options. More Savings.

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