“E&O Roadmap to Policy Analysis” seminar in Phoenix, AZ

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This year, owners from AAI attended IIABAZ’s sponsored “E&O Roadmap to Policy Analysis” seminar in Phoenix, AZ. It was an informative seminar designed to help experienced insurance brokers in the process of analyzing coverage gaps, and understanding advanced coverage issues. It also provided an excellent critique on the role word choice and grammar have in invoking the positive and negative implications of specific wording. In addition, the seminar covered specific ways to help an agency both obtain and retain business. All in all, it was an informative and eye opening seminar that we here at AAI were delighted to take part in. Many thanks to IIABZ and Joni Fairbrother for their dauntless efforts in setting up the seminar.
This is picture from E&O CE Class in AZ at IIABAZ with Joni Fairbrother, Asst VP of IIABAZ on May 9

This is picture from E&O CE Class in AZ at IIABAZ with Joni Fairbrother, Asst VP of IIABAZ on May 9

AAI’s Monthly Owner’s Meetings

AAI’s monthly owner’s meetings provide an opportunity for our equity partners to hear highly specialized presentations from our carrier partners. Topics vary widely from industry trends, to promoting lesser known lines of business, to targeted marketing strategies that are proven to increase sales and grow your business. Because AAI has such strong relationships with our carriers, we benefit from their interaction with our group on a monthly basis. Topics are brought to us by carriers because they are current and relevant to each individual agent’s success or they’re a hot trend in the industry. There are a variety of reasons why opening this line of dialog is key to our continued success.
In addition, each quarter our top performing owners receive awards based on their performance. Friendly competitions among our owners is one of the many incentives that set us apart in this industry. Being able to spend time with peers, carrier representatives, and corporate personal each month provides the team atmosphere that contributes to the success of AAI, and after each meeting we gather together for fun and fellowship for a few Happy Hour drinks to socialize and network, bolstering our team spirit and exchanging ideas.

For those in need of expert advice, or looking for a team of motivated professionals to build your career on, Affordable American Insurance can help pave the way toward a successful future.
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