Entrepreneurship Isn’t Just for Millennials

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There’s a lot of focus on the millennials and post-millennials. We hear all the time about how they’re changing the game. They changed the way we shop, they changed the way we communicate, and they’ve made the old 9-5 workday obsolete. However, millennials aren’t the only people who are suited to become entrepreneurs and start their own business. Sometimes, the most successful entrepreneurs are older, experienced adults who have seen the ways of the world.

Benefits of being an older entrepreneur

Older entrepreneurs have more maturity and experience.

Advantages of waiting until later in life

For some reason, we all believe that taking a chance on yourself and starting a business later in life is irresponsible. We believe that just because we now have a family who depends on us, we’re no longer allowed to live our dream. However, there are many benefits to starting a business later in life.

Older and wiser

The biggest advantage you have over millennials is experience. Because you have lived longer, you’ll have greater insight into the way things work. You’ll have had more time to formulate a plan and to make sure that your dream is worth pursuing. You also have the maturity to handle setbacks and pressure.

Industry insights

Entrepreneurs who wait until they are older to go independent often have much better industry insights than younger entrepreneurs. You have the advantage of having lived and experienced an industry from the inside. You’ll have a better understanding of your target audience and any gaps in the market that need to be filled.

Tools for succeeding as an entrepreneur

Older entrepreneurs are much more capable of handling pressure than younger, less experienced entrepreneurs.

Established network

Access to an industry can take years to establish. Because of your experience in an industry, you already have access to a network of professionals. The more contacts you have when you start a business, the greater your chances of success.

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