Enjoying Your Vacation While Running a Business

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This is a follow up to our post, “How to Take a Vacation While Running a Business.” While making sure everything is in place at the office, you also have to take a few steps to make sure that you are able to let go of work and allow yourself to enjoy a much-deserved vacation.

Taking a vacation while running a business

Set boundaries for yourself so that you can have fun and enjoy your vacation.

Setting work boundaries while on vacation

With the ease of technology allowing us to check in with employees, having instant access to documents, and keeping a close eye on your email, it’s very easy to have a relaxing vacation turn into just another busy workday. If your business is solid enough that you feel you can take a vacation, then do yourself a favor and take a real vacation. That means you have to set boundaries for yourself.

Phones are for selfies and Facebook updates

We’d like to say that you should lock your phone in the hotel room safe along with your passport, but we know that’s not realistic. So, make rules for how you are allowed to use your phone while on vacation. Since the phone allows you to both check work-related emails as well as update your Facebook profile with cocktail and pool pics, you should choose one time a day where you are allowed to peek at your work email. The rest of the time, your phone should only be used to take selfies and check TripAdvisor for local restaurants and activities.

The best time for checking work email

How to run a business and take a vacation

Only check email once a day, at the most.

Pick the best time of day to check emails. Before you leave, talk to your team and collectively find a time that everyone knows is the one time a day that you are going to be checking. That way, if they need you to look at something, approve a decision, or help troubleshoot, they’ll know when to shoot you an email. If you choose a time in the late afternoon, like right before they put out the complimentary happy hour cocktails at the pool bar, then your team will have a chance to compile any questions or queries into one email. This way, you’ll only have to look for one email to get a good overview, and then you can relax for the rest of the evening.

Taking a vacation is good for business

If you can master the art of taking a relaxing vacation while running a business, then you may find that your business will benefit from your vacation as much as you will. Being able to truly unwind while on vacation and forget about work for a while will reduce stress, rejuvenate your passion for your work, boost your creativity, and make you more productive and efficient once you return.

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