Emotional Intelligence Makes Women Great Negotiators

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Women Are Innately Exceptional Negotiators

Negotiation skills are essential in business — whether it’s in the insurance industry or any other. Using them properly can often turn tough situations in your favor. When people think of negotiation, they often think of a discussion with aggressive behavior, where the strongest one wins. However, its success relies on much more than just being the tough one in the room.

Emotional intelligence is a much-needed ingredient in any negotiation, and women tend to be naturally equipped with this great skill. Here are some of the reasons why the innate emotional intelligence in women makes them great negotiators.

Trust-Based Relationships are Vital for Successful Negotiations

It’s tough to negotiate with someone you don’t trust. Negotiation requires both parties to understand each other and compromise. Women are naturally more empathetic than men, and this can be a great asset when you’re looking to build bridges between two separate groups and win that negotiation.

Business woman in a meetingInfluence Speaks Louder Than Authority

Being authoritative when negotiating is not a bad thing, but sometimes, there is a better way. Especially since most people tend to resist authority because it is perceived as a threat. Again, thanks to the natural empathy in women, it can be easier for them to build influence with others, which can tip the scale in your favor.

Sensitivity to Feedback is a Plus

Emotional intelligence allows people to be more sensitive to the needs of others. When taking part in a negotiation, being able to truly listen to the other party and understand where they’re coming from can give you the upper hand; otherwise, it can turn into an argument.

Effectively Communicating Emotions Makes a Difference

There is a critical emotional component in every negotiation. Being stoic in that scenario can be a disadvantage. Not only are women gifted with an innate ability to “read the room,” they naturally feel more confident and free to say what they think. That gives them an advantage as negotiators but also as mediators.


Men possess endless qualities that also make them great at negotiation, but their approach is different.  If you’re a woman and an entrepreneur or if you want to start your own business, know you are naturally equipped with your own set of skills to take your seat at the negotiating table.

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