Email Marketing to Grow Your Independent Insurance Agency Part 2

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Helping Grow Your Agency Through Email Marketing

How many emails have you sent today? How many did you post over the last seven days? Email is definitely one of the most frequently used ways, if not the preferred way, of communication in business. Last week we talked about how leveraging the power of email marketing can help you grow your independent insurance agency. You already have two great tips to do this, and now we’re giving you the rest:

Help Your Customers Learn More About You

You may have lots of customers, and you also might have all of their email addresses, but that doesn’t mean every single person is fully aware of your agency’s offerings. Those email addresses are gold, so make sure you see every email as an opportunity to get closer to your audience.

Sending out a list of all of your products and services might not be the best way to get your message across. Instead, break them down into categories or just put together easy-to-understand emails that showcase everything you can do for them.

It doesn’t have to stop there, though. Tell your customers about success stories other customers have had thanks to your independent insurance agency. Substantial testimonials can go a long way.

Email Marketing

Develop Customer Loyalty

Picking up on last week’s post, try to avoid making every email sound like you’re trying to sell them something. The purpose of email marketing goes beyond selling your products or services. Email marketing can also be a great way to build customer loyalty. Following up or checking in with your clients is a great way to get closer to them. Greeting them on their birthdays or anniversaries is also a nice touch that shows you care.

Keeping you on the top everyone’s mind is one of the main goals of email marketing. When customers have you present, they are more likely to go to you as soon as they realize their insurance needs have changed. Customers that can relate to your business and feel like they can trust you become loyal customers and loyal customers generate more loyal customers.

Find Ways to Automate It

Running an independent insurance agency takes time and effort. Although we love to suggest ways to help you take your business to the next level, we don’t want to overcrowd your plate. Email marketing is one of those things that can easily be automated. Your most important input for this process is your list of subscribers or clients, the rest can be simplified depending on your wants or needs. You can keep this process in-house and hire someone who takes care of your email marketing campaigns right from your office, or you could outsource that process. Whatever works for you is the best approach.

2019 is just getting started. Don’t let time pass, take action today to navigate your independent insurance agency in the right direction. If you don’t yet have your own agency, what are you waiting for? Take the first step and join AAI today!

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