Effectively Managing Time When You’re Always Busy

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How Busy Entrepreneurs Can Make Better Use of Their Time

Being a successful leader requires excellent time management skills, but it can indeed be a challenge and can often lead to frustration. There is no denying that business owners have many responsibilities and things to look after. It takes a lot of self-discipline to define a calendar and block out time to get things done, as well as the flexibility to be able to respond to last-minute situations.

Twenty fours hours is all we get, so asking for more hours in the day is pointless. Have you ever asked yourself if there’s a way to be better at managing your time? What can you do to help get yourself out of the “always busy” abyss that you feel you’ve fallen into? Here are tips to get you started.

Audit Your Calendar

To kick things off, take the time to review your calendar. Go over the last week, or the previous month or two —depending on how much information you want to go over— and check how much time you spent on different tasks. Where is your time going? Is that aligned with your current goals? If not, then it’s time to make some changes.

Managing your timeIdentify Non-Critical Activities

There are always activities that absorb your time but are not necessarily priorities, like those meetings that run long because there is no agenda to follow, or replying to all your unread emails. If any of those tasks can be delegated to someone else, trust your team, and do it.

Take Back Control

Although there are always things that happen unexpectedly, in general terms, no one is responsible for how you use your time but yourself.  Own your calendar and protect it against things that can keep you from achieving your goals.

Define Your Daily Priorities

What are the things you need to accomplish today? Planning out your day might sound unnecessary, but it is beneficial in keeping things on track. That will give you a clearer idea of what’s ahead and how to organize your time around it to make things happen.

Avoid Distractions and Interruptions

The hardest part of it all is to learn to limit interruptions, as they can slow you down. Mastering the art of remaining focused on a task requires discipline. Make it a point not to allow anything to interrupt what you’re doing until done unless it is something critical.

Be Accountable

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on the right track unless someone else is watching. Share your priorities and deadlines with someone you trust who can help track your progress and keep you accountable.


As the owner of an independent insurance agency, your time is extremely valuable. Learning to manage it correctly will help you grow and achieve your business goals.

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