Effective Communication in the “New Normal”

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How to Communicate Your Way Through Change

Can you imagine your small business losing $420.000 every year just because of communication issues? It sounds crazy, but according to research, it happens.

In times of change, effective communication is critical. You want to make sure everyone on your team is on the same page, so you are all properly equipped to deal with change. That will prevent trust issues and low morale, which can have a significant impact on your operation —especially during difficult times when change is ongoing. You know, like right now.

Establishing clear and practical communication guidelines will help you minimize the feeling of uncertainty and frustration. Here are some tips to help you achieve that:

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Embrace Transparency

Change is usually not linear, and it can be tough to predict. Although you might not be able to paint a clear picture of what will happen, focus on being transparent through change. Be open and honest about what you know and how you think the circumstances may affect you. As you make changes to adapt to this situation, keep communication at the forefront. Keep your team informed and help them understand the reasoning behind the decisions you are making.

Communicate Regularly

Frequent communication plays a crucial role in helping your employees through a season of change. It might be a crazy time as many things are happening, and as the owner of an independent insurance agency, your mind is likely to be in several different places at once. However, be sure to take time to give your employees frequent updates on how your plan is developing and give them the freedom to provide feedback or ideas that can help you recalculate your route as you navigate through this situation together.

Lead by Example

Although there are changes that might be necessary to implement, that doesn’t mean they will be easy to embrace. It may be harder to get used to things like transitioning to remote work or applying the new sanitation protocols to minimize the spread of Covid-19. However, the best way to help your team understand how significant these changes are is by embracing them yourself and adjusting your behavior to align with those new instructions. By modeling these behavior changes, your team is less likely to resist them, and instead, more likely to support them.

Through these changing times, Affordable American Insurance is on your side.



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