Earthquakes and Utah Insurance

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What should one do in the case of an earthquake?

1. Stay Calm
2. Duck and Cover
a. If inside Stay under a table and hold the legs
b. If outside go out in the open and stay away from power lines. If possible stay in your car and make sure it is not on a overpass or bridge

What should you do to prepare for an earthquake?

1. Remove heavy objects from top shelves
2. Learn how to shut off your utilities
3. Develop Family Response Plan
a. Determine safe areas in each room
b. Hold Earthquake Drills
c. Have a meeting place
4. Have a 72 hour survival kit
You can find more Earthquake safety tips by visiting this website

Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake insurance is a form of property insurance it is an additional policy to your Homeowners policy. In the case that an earthquake would occur and cause substantial damage to your home, Your Earthquake insurance policy would be there to bring you back to your original position (the position you were in before the earthquake occurred).

You may want this type of insurance if your state is infamous for have earthquakes that destroy homes. If you live by a fault line it would probably be a good idea to have Earthquake insurance.

Your local Utah independent Affordable American Insurance agents are here to answer any of your questions. What are your earthquake safety tips? Drop us a comment we would love to hear from you.

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