Should I Drop My Full Coverage

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Are you confident in your driving ability?  I know it is hot right now but we could have snow in just a few months.  Icy roads and safe driving conditions don’t go hand in hand.  If you are worried, keep your full coverage through the winter and make the decision later.

Replacing Your Vehicle

How much does your car sell for at the local dealership or on craigslist?  If you got into an accident, are you in the position to purchase another vehicle?

Full Coverage

If you get into a multi-car accident, getting an insurance company to pay is a hassle.  If you have full coverage, you would just call your insurance company and they will take care of you and take the other insurance company to arbitration.  You would be taken care of quickly.

Price and Value

When it comes down to insurance and the cost, it usually revolves around coverage.  The lower the price the less coverage you probably will have.  Our in Utah agents at Affordable American Insurance can help you get the best coverage for an affordable price.

Affordable American Insurance

At Affordable American Insurance or as others like to call it AAI, we specialize in finding you a great deal with great coverage.  We are a local independent insurance broker working for you.  We sell insurance from multiple insurance companies some of which include: Safeco, Progressive, Travelers, and many more.  No matter what type of insurance you need we have a company that is right for you.

If you are looking for insurance, click the link to find an agent close to you:


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