Driving Tips for Snowy, Icy Conditions

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Once upon a time, there was a driver who didn’t know how to drive on snowy roads.  They got into an accident.  End of story.  This wonderful narrative is sadly not unique.  It happens every day, multiple times a day, all winter long.  If you’d rather have your life’s story go in another direction, learn these few tips and ride on to better adventures!

Check Ahead

Before you go anywhere, check the radio or internet for storm warnings and traffic updates.  Go for the safest routes and cleanest roads or postpone your trip in extreme weather.  Also, check your tires, lights, gas, and oil to ensure your car won’t go haywire during your drive.

Be Gentle

Snowy and icy conditions are no time to play fast and furious.  The slippery road conditions make it difficult for even 4-wheel drive cars to maintain a firm grip on the road.  Avoid sudden movements.  Don’t start too quickly, turn too quickly, or slam on your breaks.  Slow down and be gentle on the pedals.

Keep Away from Reckless Drivers

There will be plenty of first-time snow drivers cruising along not knowing how reckless they are being.  Stay away from speeding and weaving vehicles.  It’s also a good idea to keep clear of large trucks.  Not that all truck drivers are bad drivers, but if anything were to go wrong, they can cause a lot more damage than a regular-sized car.

While you may apply these safety tips, sometimes a wreck is inevitable. Make sure you have auto insurance to protect your car in any situation. Share with us your winter driving stories and more ideas for staying safe on those icy roads!


photo credit: Rennett Stowe via photopin cc

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