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A great boss knows how to delegate. A great boss knows the strengths of each team member and will give them tasks to match their strengths. A great boss knows how to be efficient and productive. However, a great boss also knows when to step back from the daily grind and treat their employees to a little fun.

Secrets to success

Bring in ice cream, cookies, and treats to surprise your team and break the routine.

All work and no play…

When your business is running efficiently, it’s easy for everyone to get caught up in their own tasks and projects. Everyone feels separated from everyone else, everyone has their job to do, and they do it well. However, work isn’t just about putting your head down and getting the job done. Today, work and life need to be balanced, and you can help that balance by treating your team to a little something special that has nothing to do with work, or strategy, or generating leads or marketing, or whatever your goals are in 2017.

The best ideas come when you least expect them

When you break the routine and do something spontaneous and unexpected, you might just be surprised at how much you will gain from activities that seemingly have nothing to do with work.

A break in the routine can be anything from ordering a hot chocolate bar for an end of the work-day treat or arranging a trip to one of those “escape rooms” that are becoming so popular as fun team building exercises. It can be anything you think would be fun for the team, but that also promotes togetherness.

Secrets to success

Get out of the office and soak in some winter sun. You never know where inspiration will strike.

Routine and redundancy will choke creativity. By breaking your routine, you might be surprised by all the great ideas that begin to flow out of your team. Sometimes, you need to stop thinking about work to come up with a great idea. It’s like when you are trying to remember the name of that actor or actress in that movie that you love so much. It’s right at the tip of your tongue, but the more you try to remember – the more you wrack your brain – the further away the name slips in your mind. As soon as you give up and start thinking about something else, voila, the name pops into your brain, like a bright flashing neon sign.

Not thinking about or doing work can sometimes be the best strategy for creative thinking.

Take the hassle out of starting an independent agency

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