Does Your Independent Insurance Agency Need a Company Car?

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It’s no secret that cars make excellent advertising tools. They travel everywhere, and the right design can make them stand out very easily. Since most independent insurance agents tend to keep very small staffs and travel a minimal amount to work, getting a car wrap or vehicle graphics can be a difficult decision to make. If you are on the fence about getting a company vehicle, use this guide to weigh some of the pros and cons easily.

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Tiny Ads Can Make a Big Difference

If you are a proud business owner but only have a personal vehicle, you may want to consider making small adjustments to the design. Magnetic signs and window graphics can be a great, temporary way to boost awareness. Because these ads are effective, cheap, and removable, it isn’t uncommon for agents to get multiple stickers or signs per year.

Do You Need a Fleet?

Think about how you and your office travels throughout the workday. If you are considering turning your personal vehicle into a company car for advertising purposes, you likely won’t need multiple vehicles to accomplish your goals. Instead, independent insurance agents should work with the vehicles they already have.

Easily Tracking Logistics

One reason why you may want to consider separate company vehicles is if your business is doing extensive amounts of travel. Some business owners do choose to visit trade shows on a regular basis, so they are moving advertising materials on a regular basis. Having a company car would allow you to track work-related miles easily. You also may feel more relaxed about adding vehicle graphics to the car, as you likely aren’t thinking regarding re-sale value.

Learn More about Company Cars

The decision to get a company car or transform your personal vehicle into a mobile advertisement can be difficult. At Affordable American Insurance, we want to help you make crucial decisions that affect your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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