Do you Know How to Drive in the Snow?

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Do you Know How to Drive in the Snow?

Many think they know how to drive in the snow. They drive slowly, take turns cautiously and accelerate carefully from snow banks. They know they should put chains on their tires, but don’t always do it. They prepare for bad weather by scraping off every inch of snow from every window and removing snow buildup from every surface. And although these are great things to do, are they prepared to drive in all snowy conditions?

Do they have sticky tires?

Tires get more traction on snow when they are full of deep grooves. The grooves pack with fresh snow until they are overflowing. The portion that sticks out grabs onto the snow covered ground to give tires traction. Worn tires don’t grip as well and leave you vulnerable to slipping. One of the most important things to prepare to drive in snow is have good tires that can handle it. Putting chains on your tires will have much the same effect.

Are they running the air conditioner?

As uncomfortable as it may seem, the air conditioner will help keep condensation from building on windshields, increasing visibility over the long-term. Keep cool air flowing to prevent the windows from fogging up.

Do they know what to do when they slide?

Although they may have an idea, have they every experienced the feeling themselves? Do they know how to react when they suddenly lose control of their car? There’s nothing worse than panicking during a slide, slamming on the brakes and cranking the wheel. These all lead to disasters. Drivers that find themselves in a slide should pump their breaks and slightly turn their wheel in the direction they want to go. The snow in the tire grooves is the only thing that will give traction to the vehicle. Tires need to be moving so that the driver can regain traction as soon as possible. Do not overturn the wheel to avoid turning too drastically when your tires finally get full traction again.

Driving in the snow can be an enjoyable experience. These tips will help drivers that brave the weather to enjoy it safely while getting from point A to point B.

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