Do I need crop insurance? …in Farmville?

 In Colorado Insurance Professional

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!” Farmers Insurance Group has invaded Farmville. As I didn’t already have enough insurance in my life, now I can buy insurance in a game. Who would have thought?! The insurance provided within the game Farmville is in the form of the Farmers Insurance Airship. When players put the airship on their farm they receive free “wither protection” for their crop. This protection prevents their crops from withering for ten days, which is great for someone who is too busy to be on their farm every day.

Farmville is one of the most popular games on Facebook. It currently has over 60 million monthly players.

“This is the first time an insurance company will be featured within internet Social Gaming,” said Kevin Kelso CMO of Farmers Insurance Group Inc. “It’s an innovative and exiting way to showcase our online and interactive presence”.

Is this the future of marketing? Maybe more importantly, is this the future of my games? Sometimes I wonder where the limit is with marketing. When are they going too far? Did Farmers get more clients out of their Farmville campaign? Maybe. Did they increase their name recognition? Certainly. Is it a bit obnoxious being marketed to at every turn?

I’d love to hear from you… what do you think?

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