Discovering Your Leadership Style

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Leading a team may come naturally to you, but there are always ways that you can improve, learn something new. Whether you’re just starting a business, or you have been running a company for years, taking advantage of leadership training programs can improve your skills.

Leadership is a skill

There are many styles of leadership. The first step to improving your leadership skills is to look inside yourself and figure out what type of leader you want to be. When entrepreneurs take that leap of faith to start their business, one of the main reasons is because they do not like the leadership practices of their previous job. Wanting to take control of the corporate atmosphere is one of the main reasons that captive agents become independent agents.

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Don’t copy somebody else’s leadership style. Find your own style and grow your business.

Learning from your previous bosses’ mistakes is one way to find your personal leadership style. Knowing what you don’t want to be can be just as important as realizing what type of leader you DO want to be. You can also take tips from leaders that you see in the news every day. With the current elections well underway, watching the many candidates is the perfect opportunity to witness a myriad of leadership styles. What you like in someone else is often times because you recognize those skills in yourself. The sooner you start to recognize your style and your strengths, the sooner you can start to build on those qualities to become an even stronger leader.

The Myers-Briggs type indicator

Of course, you can also take steps to dive a little deeper into your psyche to discover your personality and leadership style. One of the more popular ways is the Myers-Briggs type indicator built on C.G. Jung’s theories of psychological types. According to Jung, there are 16 different personalities. Discovering which personality you are can help you grow as a leader. Not only that, Jung’s theories can be used to help you to gain a deeper understanding of your team and how you function. It can be extremely valuable when you are hiring new staff.

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There’s always room for improvements. Take steps to improve your leadership skills.

Leadership and business training in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah

Finding your own personal leadership style is important. Authenticity is the first thing your employees will look for when deciding whether to follow or respect you as a leader.  At AAI, we want to help our members become the best leaders they can be so that they can succeed as independent agents and entrepreneurs. We provide business training, development, and seminars, as well as a large network of entrepreneurs from which to draw advice and inspiration.

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