Digging Yourself Out of a Motivational Dead End

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How to Soar When Lack of Motivation Brings You Down

There are times when you might be super motivated, and your productivity might hit the roof, and other times when it’s entirely the opposite. If you feel like your motivation has taken a fall, it’s ok. You’re not the first person going through that, and you certainly won’t be the last, but the bright side is that things can be done to get you through that slump. Once you realize what your situation is, you must take action, or your business will be affected. Here are some tips to help you get out of that dark place.

Make a Change in Your Routine

Routines are dull and uninspiring; mixing things up is always a good thing to do to help you regain interest. Being an independent insurance agency owner, you are the boss, so you can organize your day; how you feel is best.

Don’t Allow Yourself to Become Static

If you don’t move, nothing will. When you’re feeling down, the last thing you should do is nothing. On the contrary, you NEED to do something, anything. Start small. Finish that email you left in a draft or call that client you promised you’d call. It will help you shake off that negative feeling.

Go for a Change of SceneryGo for a Change of Scenery

Always being in the same space gets old and can definitely affect your motivation. Reset your mind by changing your surroundings. Go work at your favorite coffee shop, a park or even your front porch or terrace. You can also try redecorating your workspace, adding a few plants or moving things around. Simple changes can make it feel like a whole new place and give your productivity a boost.

Know That This Won’t Last Forever

It may feel like the slump is here to stay, but really, it isn’t. As long as you don’t give into it, you will get past it and get your mojo back.


When you become an entrepreneur, it’s not about being perfect and having everything under control. It’s about knowing how to manage the circumstances that will come your way. If you feel like your motivation has left the building, you can be confident it will come back. Just keep moving forward.

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