Dealing with Negativity on Your Business Page

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It can be disheartening to learn that someone didn’t like the service you offered them. While all independent insurance agents try their best, not every customer will be happy. When they log on and start expressing their opinion on social media, it can be tempting to get angry or write a lengthy response to the feedback. While damage control is necessary, there is a right and a wrong way to address negativity online. Use this quick guide to learn more about online customer service and some steps you can take to reduce negative feedback.

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Even if you are mad, you need to stop and think.

Identify the Cause of the Problem

When you see a 1-star review on Facebook or Google, take a deep breath and remain calm. Most people rate businesses low because they are frustrated. By identifying the source of their frustration, you can start to find ways to resolve the issue. Even if you can’t rectify the situation, you should learn how to avoid it in the future.

Always Respond

While time is of the essence when it comes to customer service, you need to make sure you are calm and collected with your responses. Even if you delete a rude retort later, it can still come back to haunt you. Once you have carefully collected your thoughts and are ready to respond, do so with customer service in mind. Never fuel negativity with name calling or blaming the customer.

Focus on the Positive Feedback

If you have done everything in your power to try to make the customer feel better about their experience and have gotten nowhere, start focusing on the things you can change. Concentrate on the positive aspects of your business and identify ways to improve if needed.

Get Support

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