Customer Retention Practices for Your Independent Insurance Agency

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How to Promote Insurance Renewals and Customer Retention?

The secret to a successful business —whatever it may be— is not to gain lots of customers, but to manage to maintain a long-term relationship with them. In the current insurance market, that can be hard to achieve. With so much competition, remaining relevant can be tricky.

Gaining new customers is hard labor. The best you can do is define strategies to retain those customers. It’s all about generating strong relationships and making sure your customers are happy and eager to keep their business with you. Here are some tips to help you promote insurance renewals and increase customer retention:

Reach Out with a Purpose

As your clients grow and their lives evolve, so will their insurance needs. Taking the time to understand the different phases of life that require a variety of insurance coverages will help you efficiently time the best moments to reach out to them so that contacting them feels appropriate and relevant, rather than annoying or overbearing. Anticipating your clients’ needs is a great way to make them feel you’re there for them.

How to Promote Insurance Renewals and Customer RetentionSwitch Up Your Contact Methods

Sure. Email might seem like the most common way to communicate with clients but it is a good practice to use a variety of communication methods. You can try phone calls, emails, surveys, social media, even text messages. In fact, you could even keep a list of your clients’ preferred contact method. This way you can keep your messages from being left unread.

Try Cross-Selling

Offering your clients something valuable in exchange for their loyalty is another way to help renew policies and increase customer retention. For example, you could offer a discount if they decide to buy a new type of insurance or if they renew their policies before they expire.

Remind Your Customers Why You Are the Best Choice for Them

What are you offering that they won’t get anywhere else? Reminding them why doing business with you is a good choice, is a proactive way to ensure they stick around.


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