Creating the Perfect Holiday Marketing Plan

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While the holidays are often seen as a time for family, many independent insurance agents want to incorporate their celebrations into their marketing campaign. Whether you are trying to wish your clients a happy holiday or are trying to find ways to attract leads this season, here are a few great tips that can help.

Customer service during the holidays

It’s okay if your doors are closed on the holiday, but remember the Internet is always open!

Don’t Forget Social Media

Even though it’s the holidays, social media isn’t going to take a break. As a business owner, you should be prepared to answer messages and emails between celebrations. Also, your account should still look active, even if you aren’t planning on sitting at the computer very long. Scheduling your social media posts in advance can help you continue to participate in social media. Think about clever holiday messages and try to keep things lighthearted while sticking to your regular posting schedule.

Update Your Blog

Just like social media, blogs don’t sleep just because it’s the holidays. You never know when your clients are looking to purchase insurance, so you should be prepared. Schedule a blog post in advance to make sure you don’t forget to publish on time. You should also take the time to write out a post explaining any special holiday hours you may have. This can help avoid confusion.

Holiday SEO

Seasonal keywords can help boost traffic to your blog on a temporary basis. While you shouldn’t add holiday keywords to your old posts, you should think of topics that come up during the holidays. Try discussing insurance needs in winter or providing holiday safety tips. Be sure to plan your blog posts in advance so that you don’t accidentally discuss these topics out-of-season!

Get More Holiday Marketing Tips

At Affordable American Insurance, we want all of our independent insurance agents to have a happy holiday season. Contact us for year-round marketing tips that can help your business grow.

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