Cooking Safety Tips for Thanksgiving Chefs

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thanksgiving dinner by a fireplaceIt’s that time of year again, when the pots and pans come out and everyone cooks with gusto!  There are turkeys to be roasted, stuffing to be mixed, veggies to be heated, cans to be open, and potatoes to be mashed.  Along with the excitement also comes a lot of chaos.  In order to avoid disaster in your busy kitchen, follow these basic tips and enjoy a fine feast!

Keep an eye on the kids

Make sure your kids stay away from everything hot.  You don’t want them touching hot pans or spilling pots of boiling gravy on themselves.  If they want to help, limit their activities to safe and easy tasks, like mashing potatoes or folding napkins.

Clear surfaces

As you cook along, make sure that you wipe up after yourself.  Sanitize areas contaminated by raw turkey juices and wipe away any grease buildups to avoid spontaneous flames.  Also, make sure nothing remotely flammable gets near heated surfaces.

Never leave unattended

Don’t ever leave the kitchen unattended, especially if things are cooking.  Drippings may burn or pots may run dry and start to smoke.  Not only could this burn your food, but it could lead to fires.

Make sure everything is off

At the end of the day or when the feast is ready to be feasted upon, make sure everything is turned off in the kitchen.  Check stoves, cookers, microwaves, and anything else that generates heat.

Follow these simple safety tips and enjoy a fabulous Thanksgiving feast!

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