Convincing an Online Generation to Buy Insurance Offline

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We’ve talked a lot about how to get millennials to buy insurance and how we can reach them as independent agents. We know that reaching millennials requires a strong online presence and finding a way to engage them via online marketing tactics. When it comes to buying insurance, we know that it’s always best to complete the transaction face to face or FaceTime to FaceTime. So, how do we get millennials to step away from the speed and convenience of purchasing everything online and join us for a direct discussion about their insurance needs?

Insurance industry insights

You need to find Millennials online, and then convince them to buy insurance offline.

The fine line between convenience and personal attention

As independent insurance agents, we know that the best insurance policy comes from getting to know the life and dreams of your client. Trying to get to know your clients via an online stock survey to determine the best insurance is like trusting someone’s online dating profile. Chances are you’re not getting the full picture, and therefore, you can’t provide them with the best insurance options. However, online is where the millennial client hangs out, so your first date is going to be a blind, online date. The trick is to then convince your online client to meet you in person. You need to grab them with online convenience to get the initial meeting, and then you need to persuade the client that it is in their best interest to meet and have a real conversation about their insurance portfolio.

Meeting the millennials halfway

At Affordable American Insurance, we want all of our agents to work from an office, but if you’re waiting for the millennial to walk through your office doors, you’re going to be waiting a long time. You need to meet the millennial on their turf. That means anywhere out in public. Try to set up meeting in local cafes, bars, or restaurants. Make it a more personal experience, and make it as convenient for them as you can. Let them know that YOU are willing to out of your way to meet them, because they are not going to go out of their way.

Taking the initiative to meet on their turf will demonstrate your commitment to customer service and personal attention.

Buying insurance from an agent is always best

Insurance industry insights for independent agents

Meet millennials halfway at a cafe or local hot spot to talk about their insurance portfolio.

Millennials want convenience and transparency. It is your job to convince the Y generation that buying insurance online isn’t going to get them a product that is right for them; just a run-of-the-mill, one-size-fits-all insurance policy. Convince them that buying insurance online benefits the insurer, not the insured, and convince them that when the sh!t hits the fan, buying insurance online leaves them alone and vulnerable when trying to deal with insurance claims. Working with an independent agent, even if it means looking up from the iPad for an hour to talk to an agent face-to-face, means you have a partner in insurance who is looking out for the best interest of our clients, not the best interest of an insurance provider.

Share best practices with fellow independent agents

At AAI, we have a large and growing network of independent agents in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah who all work together as a team, sharing best practices and the first-hand experience on how to grow our businesses and best serve our clients.

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