How to Communicate With Millennials

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Approaching and communicating with millennials requires agents to come up with a whole new social media and customer relations strategy. Millennials don’t want to meet face-to-face, and they don’t want to talk on the phone. If you want to expand your client base to include millennials (and you do!), then you need to meet millennials on their turf, under their conditions. That means going against all of your instincts for personal customer service and start learning how to communicate in 140 characters or less (hashtags not included!)

Selling insurance to Millennials

Use social media platforms to provide relevant and authentic information to millennials.

Communicating Authentically on Social Media

Finding your voice as an independent agent means you first have to dig deep into your personal reasons for becoming an agent, define your brand, and then learn how to communicate what you stand for via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat to reach your millennial clients.

Twitter and Facebook should be getting most of your attention because they allow for quick interactions, reactions, and an easy way for your clients to share and retweet the information you are providing. That is the key to a solid and successful social media strategy. You need to focus on providing honest, trustworthy, relevant, and easy-to-understand information about the insurance industry. Don’t sell to millennials; talk, start a conversation. Focus on becoming a trusted expert, a voice of reason, and a thought leader, and you’re more likely to get the attention of the Y Generation than with traditional marketing and advertising.

Focus on personal impacts of regulations in the insurance industry

The fact that insurance is convoluted and hard to understand is going to work in your favor. You have a unique opportunity to help people (especially millennials) understand how every change in the insurance industry, every new regulation, every merger, etc. will have an impact on their lives. Millennials are known as the “me generation,” so it’s important to talk directly to their situation.

Millennials like to deal with people who deliver a strong brand – a brand that is not about selling and profits but is about something bigger, something that will have a lasting impact. If you are unafraid to tell the truth, lift the curtain, and be transparent with your clients, you will have a very good chance of building a strong millennial client base.

Selling insurance to Millennials

Millennials turn to social media to find information, research topics, and share with their friends.

The insurance industry is often accused of being bad at transparency and all about the bottom line. You can change that with an authentic social media marketing strategy.

Millennials will be your greatest advertisers

A trusted source on social media will spread like wildfire. Millennials trust other millennials. They will share information across platforms, creating a marketing campaign that money just can’t buy. Your best tools are transparency, honesty, and authenticity. Give them information and an experience worth sharing and they will push your business to new heights, and all you did was post something on a free social media site.

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