Common Social Media Customer Service Mistakes

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Now that’s we’ve hammered the point across that you need to step up your social media game, let’s go over some of the main mistakes that people make online. It’s not all roses in the virtual world. One minute you are running through a field of spring flowers, delighting in fun, casual, informative conversation with your clients, and then all of a sudden, without warning, you step on a landmine. We’re going to help you sidestep these Facebombs and Twitter-traps as much as possible.

Responding to the negative comments

No one likes to be criticized, especially not in public. But, with the growing trend of using social media as a business tool comes with a few consequences, and one of them is dealing with public criticism. You must respond to negative feedback whether it comes to you privately or publically.

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You need to respond to negative comments or feedback from your clients with sincerity, empathy, and a solution to make things right again.

When responding to negative feedback, the worst thing you can do is to go on the defensive. A defensive attitude will only irritate your clients further. Admitting that you may have been at fault – for whatever reason – or that you simply understand their complaint, whether it was your fault or not – will contribute substantially to diffusing a volatile situation.

As long as their grievance is legitimate and constructive, you need to respond with sincerity, diplomacy, empathy, and hopefully with a solution to make that customer happy again. If you can handle this in a public manner, you will not only bring that client back into the fold, but you will impress the rest of your client base.

Never use template, robotic responses

Timely response is essential. If you are getting so much traffic on your social media accounts, this means that your marketing strategy is working. Now you just have to keep up with all the interactions. Not only do you have to keep up with responses to client questions or concerns, but you also need to keep feeding your audience with quality information and helpful tips. Quality content and timely, personalized responses are time-consuming. Don’t fall into the trap of using standard, copy/paste, impersonal responses. It may save you a little time, but you’ll turn off your clients.

Customer service social media mistakes

Always spell and grammar check your online responses.

Spell check, spell check, spell check

The only other thing besides impersonal responses is a poorly written, grammatically incorrect, typo-ridden response. Always double check your posts. You can be casual. You can use slang. You can add a few LOLs or emojis, but you cannot misspell words, and you cannot write in incomplete or run-on sentences.

Starting a business in Colorado

A great online presence takes time. If you don’t have that time, outsource your social media and online content (*ADD LINK TO OUTSOURCING BLOG*) to a professional marketing and communications firm.

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