Common Mistakes of the First Time Agency Owner

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Many captive agents grow tired of the restrictions and the pressure that comes with producing for one insurance company. After a while, you are simply working on auto pilot. You have your potential client list and your sales quota, and off you go. But, the more you work as a captive agent, then more you start to see how you would do things differently. You may find that you have a passion for life insurance, but your agency requires you to sell all across the board. Finding a niche that you love, a type of insurance that speaks to you will often help you sell that type of insurance. Passion translates to your clientele.

Frustrations with being a captive agent are often the reason that people break out on their own and take the chance starting their own agency. Unfortunately, many don’t realize what it takes to be independent. It’s not just about getting your own space and deciding what type of insurance you want to sell when you want to sell it, and how much you want to sell. It’s about running a business first and foremost. That means that all of the day-to-day operations, the budget, the planning, the marketing, the strategizing, the accounting, taxes, etc., now falls on your shoulders.

Running a successful independent insurance agency in Colorado

It feels great to finally stop being a captive agent and become an independent agent. But, now you have to run a business, not just sell insurance.

From captive agent to independent agent

The mistake that many captive agents make is thinking that once they are independent they’ll have the peace and quiet and freedom to finally do it their way. But, your life is about a lot more than just selling insurance. Not learning how to run a business, from writing a business plan, to designing a logo, to building a new clientele is the downfall of many independent agents. You are no longer just managing an office like you maybe did before, you are now running a business!

Independent agency owners need “Business 101”

Having a network of peers, as well as independent agent owners who can act as mentors for young (new) independent agency owners is key to succeeding in the insurance industry. We know you know how to sell insurance. We know you have a passion for selling insurance but that doesn’t always translate to being a great business owner, or a great boss.

Running an independent insurance agency in Colorado

Many independent insurance agents become overwhelmed by what it takes to run a successful business.

Become an independent insurance agency owner in Colorado

At AAI, we want to give captive agents the network and the tools to start their own agency, learn how to run a business, and give them support from a lot of other agents who once made the shift from captive to independent. We also offer our members the exclusive chance to sign up for a 10 month program from our Business Development Group, where we help captive agents learn the basics of running a business, from writing a business plan to what types of areas you should think about outsourcing, to hiring great producers to produce for your new agency.

Take the plunge from captive to independent with AAI and get the support, tools, and education you need to help you succeed.

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