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As we come across February there is always one day that gets a lot of attention, Feb. 14th.  Whether it is going to be S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day) or a time of romance, Valentine’s Day is going to be great.

Valentine’s Day Ideas

If you have a special someone in your life, you better be thinking ahead.  Plan your day.  Surprising the special lady in your life with flowers would probably put a smile on her face. Making her a nice breakfast is always a great idea.   Don’t forget the candle lit dinner with her favorite vegetable and her favorite person, you.


Valentine’s Day could be a great time to propose to your girlfriend but you have probably thought of that already.  Once you put the ring on her finger, there is a lot of planning that must go into a wedding: picking the venue, church, destination, dress, flowers, colors, DJ/band, wedding insurance, and others.

Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance is probably something you don’t think about when planning your wedding.   So, what’s wedding insurance?  Wedding insurance protects a couple’s investment from things that are outside of their control.

What would happen if the wedding boutique closed before your alterations were completed, the venue burns down or there is a forest fire in close proximity to your wedding site, your luggage gets lost in transit, or weather causes you to change location immediately?  Would you be able to handle it?  You would already be under a lot of stress.

Wedding Insurance can give you peace of mind and it could remove a little stress during your wedding season.

It is best to purchase wedding insurance as soon as you can.

Saving Money

If you are saving up for an engagement ring, we may be able to help you save some extra money from your auto insurance or home insurance.  Even if you are not saving up for a ring, saving money is great.  You can use that money to do the things you love or spend it on your girl, either way give Affordable American Insurance a call and we would be happy to give you a quote on your insurance needs.

Affordable American Insurance

Affordable American Insurance is a Colorado Insurance broker.  An insurance broker sells insurance for many insurance companies.  This can be really great.  If your insurance rate ever increases, our insurance agents can switch you to a different insurance company.  You may never have to switch your insurance agent again.

More Companies. More Options. More Savings.

Affordable American Insurance

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