What It Means to Be a Team

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Affordable American Insurance

At Affordable American Insurance, we have built a team from the ground up. Our team is like a good baseball team. We have a coach who helps us reach our goals. We have a manager acting as the catcher, especially when the pitcher shakes his head and disagrees with what should be thrown. We have our administrators acting as the infield: if there were to be some action, our administrators are the ones who make the saves. Our tech department is the outfield: when there is that pop-up problem that seems to be heading for the fence, they rush over and save the game. Our insurance agents are like the pitchers in the game: there is a lot riding on them, but when they have a skilled team behind them, throwing the ball and closing the sale doesn’t seem that hard.

You will always have your team captain: the one who inspires you on and off the field to be better than you thought you could be. Our captain is our CEO, Tony Fernandez.

Our Winning Team

Being on a team is fun, and even more fun when you win. Our winning team has started a bowling league, skied the Colorado slopes, had a few happy hours after the meetings (work first, party later), and most importantly helped out our local community by organizing coat drives and donating medical equipment overseas.

If teamwork is something you have dreamed about ever since you were a child, you may be the perfect person for us. Consider joining the Affordable American Insurance family.

Your local independent Colorado Affordable American Insurance agents are here to answer any insurance questions you may have.

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Affordable American Insurance

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