Colorado Insurance and the Hamburger Story

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He ordered a hamburger with ketchup and mustard only.  Guess what he got?  I will let you ponder it for a few moments.  He got his sandwich with ketchup and mustard only.  Sounds great right? There was one problem, though- there was no meat.

Everyone at the office was chuckling after hearing his story.   This shouldn’t happen to anyone else.  So your local independent Affordable American Insurance office decided to write a blog about the experience.  The agent was not at a total loss (totaled), which in the insurance industry means the damage is more than the asset is worth.   He had another sandwich and it had meat.  His hunger pains were decreased for a few hours.


This can happen to anyone where poor communication exists.  If this question would have been asked, “Are you sure you don’t want meat on your sandwich?”  The hamburger would have had meat on it and our agent would have been completely satisfied.  Without clear communication one can end up with a hamburger missing the meat.

Your Local Agents

Here at your local independent Colorado Affordable American Insurance office we listen and understand what you want and need.  We won’t just do what you say.  We ask questions to truly understand where you are coming from.  In some cases, there are many discounts that our agents know about and apply to your situation.  They often save their clients a lot of time and money.  When you need your agent the most, they will be there.

I believe this is the perfect time to take lunch or a snack break.


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Has something like this ever happened to you?  We would love to hear your story.

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