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Affordable American Insurance is a recent startup company, but don’t let this young company fool you. Just last month we brought on our 50th agent. With more locations, if you decide to move, you can still have a great agent close to you that knows your needs.

People need to eat like people need auto, home, health, life, and business insurance. Well, maybe insurance needs are not that great, but they are important nonetheless. If you are planning on buying insurance or your policy is about to be renewed, I have one question for you. Would you like to save money on your insurance?

Saving Money on Insurance

There are three ways you can go about buying great insurance that saves you lots of money.

1. You can go through an Affordable American Insurance Agent.
2. You can go through the Affordable American Insurance website.
3. You can go through our Facebook page to get insurance.

Wait a minute! Those are all the ways you can buy insurance through us. Here’s the real list on how to save money, even though the list above is just as good.

1. You can buy insurance through a captive agency (they only represent one company).
2. You can buy insurance through a direct carrier (straight from an insurance company).
3. You can buy insurance from an Independent agent (that would be Affordable American Insurance who can write and sell from MULTIPLE COMPANIES, finding the best deals).

Our Insurance Agents

Affordable American Insurance agents do what is best for their clients. It is kind of like how Tron fights for the users. We fight for our clients. We don’t push a policy that is not right for you. Our agents find a policy that fits your lifestyle and when you need us, we will be there.

Affordable American Insurance exists because of you. If you are planning on purchasing insurance, start shopping with us.

Affordable American Insurance has more insurance companies to choose from, giving you more options to find your savings.

If you have any insurance questions leave us a comment or call one of our agents.  If you liked the blog please like us on Facebook or leave a comment.

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