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The scent of pine needles filled the air with their aroma. It was perfect the way the pop-up camper just sat there. As it sat there, it just looked at us, around the fire, knowing that in a few hours its feelings of loneliness would be long gone. The fire would be put out and the campers would be in their rightful place, sleeping and dreaming their dreams.

It was in one of these dreams where he found he was on a dirt bike. He had never been on a dirt bike before in his life but this was a dream. Before he knew it, he was flying down the path not having a care in the world. He especially loved the way the 150cc engine roared through the tree covered path. In the distance, there was a tree that had fallen down. He knew what he needed to do; it was instinct and possibly the thrill of adrenaline that was rushing through his veins that made him do what was next.

The throttle was to the max. He was starting to feel the g-force pushing his face back from the acceleration. Little did he know that there were other bikers in his dream but on different a path. One of these trails passed his right before the fallen tree. He did what any normal extreme biker would do. He yanked back on the handle bars and his front wheel slowly rose off the ground and he was doing something he had only seen in the movies.

He heard a mix between a rumble and a buzz and then it happened. The other rider came out of nowhere and crashed into him. He was propelled off his bike flying through the air and right when he was about to hit the giant pine, he woke up.

Stories like this often don’t happen in dreams, but in reality. One of our agents was on a camping trip a few years back on a dirt bike when he came across two people that had crashed. One had a broken leg and Flight for Life had to be called for the other rider. The agent never knew what happened to the riders. Were the riders ok? Did they have liability insurance on their bikes? Who would pay for the accident?

Call your local independent Colorado Affordable American Insurance agent for answers or leave a comment on our blog. If you are planning on using ATVs, dirt bikes, or a boat while camping be careful.

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We would like to thank Evgeni Dinev from for the beautiful photo.

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