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It seems more and more that I want barbecue.  It is true.  I have been craving it.  Here we go.

Here at Affordable American Insurance it is barbecue time and with every barbeque comes various insurance risks.  With any great Colorado barbecue, the risk is increased whenever the air is dry and hot coals and fire are involved.  Fires from grilling cause $80 million in property damage each year.  Most of these cases can be prevented with these simple steps.

Preventative Steps:

  1. Use your grill only outside.
  2. Use your grill in a well-ventilated area.
  3. Don’t have your propane tank in an enclosed area.
  4. Keep the grill in a stable environment.

Tips for using your grill:

  1. Once the grill is lit, always have someone watch it.
  2. Never attempt to move a hot grill.
  3. Keep your distance from hot grills because they remain hot for more than an hour after use.
  4. For more grilling safety tips click here.

Alcohol Safety

If you notice one of your friends drinking a lot during a barbeque, don’t let them drive home or operate a moving vehicle.  Be smart, be safe, and be a good friend.  Drunk drivers kill people.  Don’t let it happen to your friends.

Your safety is our primary concern.   We would hate it if something tragic happened to your household.  We will be there if something tragic were to happen, but we would rather prevent it. Please follow the above tips when grilling.

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Get your grill fired up and make some Colorado Barbecue.

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