The only thing worse than driving through Kansas…is?

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These are just a few things that are worse than driving through Kansas. 

  • Getting Eaten by a Shark
  • Getting Hit by Lightning
  • Living Your Life Without Nun-Chuck Skills
  • Living Without Ever Trying In and Out Burgers
  • Getting Pulled Over Without Your Insurance Card

What’s yours?  Leave a comment.

Insurance Card 

Having your insurance card in your car is like having gas in your tank.  Without it you shouldn’t go vary far using your vehicle.  If you don’t have an insurance card in your car contact your insurance agent and have them make you one.

Our Service

Affordable American Insurance is focused on making your insurance experience as smooth as possible.  We want you to have everything you might need to understand the product that you bought.

Our agents are great at explaining what your policy covers.  If you ever have a question about coverage, just give your agent a call.

Affordable American Insurance

Affordable American Insurance is an insurance broker meaning we represent multiple insurance companies.  We can write you a great policy but more importantly we can match a company that will fit your needs for a price that is affordable.

We have over 40 agents across the state up and down I-25 and across I-70.  If you are looking for a local Colorado independent insurance agent, you don’t have to look further than Affordable American Insurance.

More Companies.  More Options.  More Savings

Affordable American Insurance

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