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It is getting warmer and some of us are starting to think about backyard BBQ parties, Music Festivals, and Amusement parks.  Some of these types of parties or events will be serving adult beverages in red solo cups but what does that mean for you.

Do you need a separate insurance policy for it?

Liquor Liability Insurance

We will discuss what Liquor Liability Insurance is and determine if you need this type of coverage.  First off, what is Liquor Liability Insurance?  Liquor liability protects you from one of your clients/customers/guests consuming one to many adult beverages and hurting someone or damaging their property.

You may need this type of insurance if you are in the business of making, serving, selling, or facilitating an event that has alcohol (Wedding Hall, Outside Music Venue, Family Reunion).  Liquor Liability insurance is not normally included on your commercial insurance policy.  Contact your local commercial insurance specialist and ask them if you will need this type of coverage.

Things That Should Be included in your policy

When shopping for this type of insurance there are a few things that your insurance policy should include:

• Assault and Battery Coverage
• Defense Costs
• Employees Included
• Damages- Physical and Mental
• Discounts for Safety and no Claims

Affordable American Insurance

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