Do You Check on Employee Well-Being?

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Value of Monitoring Employee Well-Being

There was a time when employees were considered just a tool to make businesses stay afloat. Those days are gone. Today, we understand the value of a happy employee and how it can impact the operations of a business.

Your employees are the force that propels you forward and are worth investing in. When your employees feel supported, meaningful, and engaged, you are bound to have better productivity and retention rates. That is particularly important for small businesses that are trying to compete in a market that includes large companies also.

Only 41% of Managers Check on the Well-being of Their Employees

Honestly, did you think that number was going to be higher or lower? That answer might depend on your actions, but according to a report done by 15Five, only 41% of managers actually follow up with their employees to talk about their well-being. Isn’t that crazy?

Businesswomen having a conversation at a deskEmployees are an essential part of any business, and managers should invest in their happiness. Keeping a close eye on their well-being is just as crucial as periodically checking on their performance.

Having one-on-ones regularly with your employees is not just important; it is essential. Checking in on your employees and spending time with them to guide them in their career can significantly contribute to their well-being and their level of engagement with your business. If they are content in their positions, it is more likely that they will reach their work potential, increasing productivity and helping your business achieve better results.

Additionally, as the owner of an independent insurance agency, it is important to check in on your employee’s emotional wellness, too. According to the report by 15Five, 90% of employees agree that they perform better when the company they work for supports their mental wellness.

If you are not having 1-on-1’s with your employees —those who directly report to you— you should make that part of your routine. They will help you promote trust and transparency in the workplace and help create a better work environment.


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