How to Get Your Identity Stolen

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Identity theft has been going on for years.  We have heard about everything from stolen credit cards, to false loan applications, to medical ID theft.  Due to this, many of us have setup various levels of protection to help prevent identity theft, including subscriptions to various services and even insurance in-case of an event.  None of these will protect ‘Your Business’ from Identity Theft.  Over the last year, thousands of thieves have started going after businesses because they have a higher credit limit and it is harder to track.

Business Identity Theft

Dozens of Colorado businesses have fallen victim to business Identity Theft. Why is this happening? Because it’s quick, it’s easy, and it only takes a small fee to change corporate information with the Secretary of State.  The thieves are using Dunn and Bradsreet, a business credit reporting bureau to find companies that have great credit scores.  When the thieves find this information they then look for the company on the Secretary of State’s website change a few things and ruin the company’s credit.

Ways to protect your Identity

How are businesses going to protect themselves when all this information is open to anybody that wants it? The Secretary of state has initiated an e-mail protection system.  It is setup so that whenever your business information is changed the SOS will send you an e-mail. First, YOU the business owner need to make sure your email address is registered with the state at:

While this is a good initial line of protection, we as business people need something better. For example, having our information password protected would be better.  This would cost the Secretary of State more money and that cost would eventually trickle down to both the businesses and the tax payers.

If you own a business and have not registered your e-mail with the Secretary of State, You Need to Do it NOW!

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