Building Trusting Relationships with Your Clients

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How to Boost Your Trust Factor as an Independent Insurance Agent?

If there is one thing that is essential as an independent insurance agent, is the ability to truly earn your client’s trust. It’s a tricky thing to do when you’re in the insurance industry, though. The first thing people are going to think of you is that you’re just another salesperson. So, how do you get them to believe that you really care about their interests and are trustworthy? Here are 4 tips to help you master this task.

Show Them Some Love and Respect

When you’re face to face with a new client, imagine it’s a family member who’s sitting across the table. Take time to truly listen to what they need. Treating people as family delivers a message, that you care and are there to protect their interests, and not that you’re just there to make a sale.

Bring Value to the Table

Any insurance agent can go on and on about the products they offer but, as an independent insurance agent, you can set yourself apart by going the extra mile. Don’t just tell them what you have to offer, carefully explain to your clients the difference between those products and why you think one would be a better option for them. Don’t be afraid to bring out infographics and other visual material to support you in your presentation. Also, find them good rates. This shows you keep their best interests at heart.

How to Boost Your Trust Factor as an Independent Insurance Agent

Put Your Personality on Display

Many insurance agents turn on the salesman mode when they’re meeting with a client. Your clients will most relate to you if you seem approachable and you generate a connection with them. The best way to do that is to be you. Of course, always keep things professional, but personality will always win over over-rehearsed sales pitches. Every. Time.

Keep Your Promises

There’s probably nothing worse than lying to your clients. Don’t promise them things you’re not going to do. Even the simple things matter. If you tell them you’ll email them certain information by Wednesday, don’t wait until Friday, do it on Wednesday. Make sure that you always deliver as expected.


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