How to Build a Clientele Using Smart Digital Marketing

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You can have the best brand messaging for your new independent insurance agency, but if you aren’t reaching the right market, finding new clients is going to be near impossible. And when the success of your business is measured by the number of clients you have, without them, you’re just playing “insurance agent” in your living room. Which might be a fun game to play, but it isn’t going to pay your bills. If you want to make your business a reality, you need to know how to build a clientele using every tool available. Yes, we mean going online.

Finding new clients online: Gone are the days of TV and newspaper ads

Building a loyal, trusting client base will make or brInsurance agents need engaging marketing strategy to build new clienteleeak you as an independent agent. Since the industry is constantly evolving, let’s go over how to best reach out to your target clientele and make the most of every bit of marketing tool. You can still use cold calling and traditional methods of soliciting new clients. But you also need to learn the smart ways to find your potential clients online.

For the younger market, we know too well that days of TV and newspaper ads have passed. (what’s a newspaper?)  Not even putting flyers up at your local java hut is a valid strategy for the newer generations. Save the trees, go paperless!  So where are your new clients? They probably have their heads buried in their smartphones, just like you right now as you read this blog. So when you’re about to build your new clientele, you better make sure your brand is smartphone compatible. In the web development world, this is called “responsive” so that it can be viewed on different size screens and still look great.

Smartphone compatible strategies are needed for new, younger clients

As your new clients are tapping away a-mile-a-minute, clicking on this, clicking on that, all while Instagramming (yes that is a verb now), updating their social media profiles and keeping up with breaking national and world news on Twitter. You need to make sure that your online presence can keep up with the attention span of a millennial.

Millennials want to learn something, laugh at something, be a part of something positive they can share with their closest friends, as well as feel like you invited them into your exclusive club with a virtual hug. So make sure your online brand messaging is engaging, succinct, inclusive, and factual.

Marketing tips for independent agentsAn engaging and personal marketing strategy to build a new clientele

Even though it’s business, you need to make the experience personal. The next generation of people who need to get their own insurance, doesn’t want to deal with heartless, faceless corporations, and let’s face it; insurance companies don’t always have the best reputation. It’s is up to you, the independent insurance agent, to bring a personal, human touch and service to the insurance industry. Make your online experience something that everyone can share in and be a part of. If you can engage your clients in a discussion, you’re on your way to building a solid, trusted client base.

A great experience is worth sharing, and for every social media share, you are reaching potential clients.

Ready to become a digitally smart insurance agent?

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